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"The Art to Disappoint"  &

  "The Silence between Stimulus and Response"  

"Notes of a Lively Journey"

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Originated in a huge interest in personal growth and psychology and the unstoppable urge to understand what's it all about after a long youth full of uncertainties and a personal Big Bang at the age of 42, he made the conscious decision to choose Scotland as a new home base to study life and (inter)personal growth.

Due to this decision he also experienced a lot of personal interactions via business and personal growth based forums and with this knowledge, he installed a solid fundament for immense quantities of knowledge and experience in the application of the theory of Jung C.S. (Stein, Blackburn, Johnson, Stevens, etc), Chopra, Dyer, Covey and  (business) NLP via Brandler & Grinder, Wolinsky, Charvet, O'Conner/Seymour, Cooper, daily life matters by Mooji, Ramana, Nisargadatta, Papaji, etc, etc.  in life and the choices you have available.

Combined through years of self-inquiry, meditation and his study of Aikido, his drive is to support life and the Life Support System out there is effortless and is there for you to pick up too.


What do I get?

The books on this site are pleasantly written from a very strong personal and intuitive growth, with a lot of explanation on a simply down to earth way how this growth managed to expand and which the obstacles you will endure to engage a piece of your life to move on and grow into a conscious better way.

All without blaming or judging you where you are now, how you got there in the first place and where you wish to grow towards because change and growth is inevitable, if you want it or not.

Rather consciously growing and go with the flow instead of to continue the internal battle in an unwinnable war.

Time for Peace of your Mind, I think.

I hope you enjoy my books.