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Born in 1962, he grew up in a local area Brakkestein in hometown Nijmegen (The Netherlands) in an ordinary, normal family environment with a strong desire for discovery of anything and everything.

Always looking for the solution of his internal uncertainty during his youth and the reasons of mood swings in his mind and body. The regular reflective discussions with his mother enabled him to learn the different ways to look at the world.

Regularly, the world offered him a different look on reality than the people around him saw and hence, from an internal world of knights and castles, he escaped this "strange" outside world and the uncertainty of growing up.

School offered no source of peace as he had a brief but intense 2.5 years of experience in being heavily bullied, which he dragged almost 30 years along with him. The killing feeling to be insufficient and the guilt of his own unhappiness marked the dark years of his life.

Relief was found in his military service where structure and order in the land surveying training took place and a start in the magical world of offshore was another opportunity to feel relaxed and exactly in his place.

Experiencing flow after flow combined with starting his own businesses, trial and error, falling down, getting up, falling down again and not getting up but going somewhere completely different combined with the magical discovery that the bullying at school had absolutely nothing to do with his own value, he discovered that the illusions of yourself and your whole perception allows you to recreate the world you live in and everything with it.

Started reading Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Wolinsky and getting into NLP, Freud, Adler, he finally thrown out the anchor with lots of meditation and CG Jung to find a fixed point in his Self and left the Dutch soil late 2008: Scotland was the new home to be.

The path with little rest and a lot of war was left behind, he found his Centre through Aikido, meditation and reading: seeing life as a blissful journey and not as a battleground anymore.

From gratitude towards this change of perspective, he chose to put his findings on paper just for himself and if possibly, for others to read.

Scotland's culture goes far back in history and provides the best proof that the best in man gets out by getting up and just do it.....